Hoaxtead Blog are Self Proclaimed Satanists

The Hoaxtead Research Blog Network are self-proclaimed Satanists and occultist, and they are very proud of it.  One of their main spokespersons goes by several different names: “satanicviews” or “James Hind” or “Julian Vayne”. (we know, its hard to keep up) He is a member of the Satanic Temple in London. He runs a blog called Satanic Views that glorifies a satanic lifestyle. In case you don’t know what that is, Satanists worship the devil, perform ritual sacrifices, drink blood, participate in orgies, pedophila, torture and cannibalism. These are the things that their god demands of them in exchange for earthly riches and short lived superficial power. They believe they are smarter and better than everyone else, and will maliciously target people who believe in God, especially a Christian God.

These Satanists on the Hoaxtead blog invert everything. This is part of their religion. They call good evil and evil good. They call whistleblowers hoaxers and they call anyone who is against them a “Satan Hunter”. They target people, monitor people, harass people and issue death threats to people. They then bait people into defending themselves, and use peoples outrage to gaslight them, groom them and bait them. They are highly skilled at psychological warfare and will play the nastiest head games with anyone who gives them the time of day. They’re purpose for living is to harm other people, torment them, and try to get them arrested, thrown in a mental institute or worse, to commit suicide.

The research posted below shows that Mr. Satanist James-whatever-the-heck-his-name-is, is also Julian Vayne, author of Blog of Baphomet (the devil statue they all worship) and leader of the cult Illuminates of Thanateros (yes.. that did say the actual name Illuminati) He works at a museum in the UK and teaches sex education to infants. Yes, you read that right… Sex ed for infants.  Part of the curriculum is to remove the boundaries between childhood and adulthood. After dedicating two years of his life to protecting the pedophiles through Hoaxtead Research blog, he has recently had to answer to police on harassment charges (to say the least) brought against him by one of his many victims.

The other sock puppet accounts on the Hoaxtead Research Network love, adore and support this Satanist openly. Then in the same breath declare that they don’t appreciate being called Satanic baby killers and pedophiles. They are out in the open, practicing their satanic rituals, protecting their satanic pedophile rings, and laughing in our faces about it.

While Mr. Satanist has just been outed as Julian Vayne, who is a real person not hiding behind and anonymous sock puppet account, James Hind absolutely insists that he is NOT Julian Vayne. Until he comes out from hiding and puts his face and voice on a youtube video showing the world that he is a different person (cause we all know what Julian Vayne looks like)… we’re sticking with the compelling evidence that this demonic kitty is out of the bag.

Below is research reblogged from the following site. https://dearmandoeshampstead.wordpress.com/2016/10/03/how-satanicviews-james-hind-become-julian-vayne-of-the-iot/

How “SatanicViews” & “James Hind” Become Julian Vayne of the IOT

We will show you how “Satanicviews” becomes Julian Vayne, leader of the “Illuminates of Thanateros”, or the IOT, with his partner Nikki Wyrd, through a maze of different profiles, web-sites, child abuse accusations by the mother of the abused child, as well as causing the distress responsible for the sectioning of our beloved Hampstead activist, Jake Clarke.

This comment, made by “Pallas Athena” can be found here and is web-archived here , displays several relationships of “Satanicviews” and is a very important piece to point out.  We will show you how this connects blogger “Satanicviews” with “Blog of Baphomet” author, leader of the cult Illuminates of Thanateros, and “List 616” author Julian Vayne.


The Hampstead researchers and activists that have been around from the beginning of the case, since early February 2015, when the videos were first leaked on Henry Curteis’ “TapBlog” might remember our first run-in with a profile named “Jay Vendoza”.  Jay Vendoza left a rather cryptic message on one of our open groups, it read;


We searched Jay Vendoza and found his Disqus profile with this cute little devil avatar


We searched Facebook for “Jay Vendoza”, it had been renamed to “James Hind”.


James Hind is a self-proclaimed satanist, occultist and creeper of the left-hand path. Notice the same little devil avatar.


James Hind on Twitter


On Twitter, James Hind posted many threats and addresses 


An article posted today 4/10/16 by “Satanicviews” on his blog “Satanicviews, Hardcore views on international satanism”, writes,

“The Satan Hunter Jake Clarke was sectioned in a mental asylum by his own agency, encouraged by Satan Hunters Angela Power Disney and Rupert Quaintance.  I warned Clarke what to expect since I foresaw what would happen to him if he continued on his path, he ignored me, he suffered the fate he deserved.  Any misfortune that Harris and his Satan Hunter fellows bring upon themselves is by their own agency, it has nothing to do with me, Satan or any other external agency.”


Here is a “Blog Share” post on Hoaxted Research about James Hind’s blog “Satanic Views”


Then James Hind started a blog called “List 616” , however, it’s now deleted.


List 616 was a list of “Satan Hunters” to be watched 



Jake Clarke was on this List616


Now we have Nathaniel J Harris who has multiple run-ins with a troll and finds himself on “List 616” and Nathaniel is not too happy about it.

*Take note of the “clown” photo.*


Nathaniel J Harris was, perhaps he still is, a chaos magician, an author, a blogger and a cult whistleblower.  He made this video to warn the occult communities about the dangers of child-sexual abuse within them.   Nathaniel was once partners with a woman named Nikki Wyrd (nee Nicola Ward) and they had a baby together.  They have long since broken up and are with other partners.  Nikki Wyrd is administrator on a Facebook group called “Illuminates of Thanateros”



Nikki Wyrd is now partners with Julian Vayne (nee Juian LeFay), they both appear to be absolute narcissists.  Both profiles are filled with photos of themselves, almost always with glasses on…


Julian Vayne writes for the “Blog of Baphomet” as does Nikki Wyrd.  The two wrote “The Book of Baphomet” together as well as both are contributors at the “Psychedelic PressUK” 


Nathaniel Harris has been partners now for over 10 years with a woman named Jasmin DaVille (I hope you two don’t mind, this photo is priceless, love it! Thank you!)


Jasmine has a child that was brutally abused by Colin Bately and other members of the IOT as described in Jasmine’s new blog called,“Occult Paedophile Ring-The Truth” where she writes 

“Nathaniel and I get on with the lives we have now but our minds relive the horror of the disclosures my child made to us. One of the most difficult was my child telling Nathaniel that his own parents, his mother Ann, his stepfather Adrian Bryn-Evans, and his biological father Robert Harris were all involved, as was Nicola Ward (aka Nikki Wyrd), the mother of his daughter, and her partner Julian Vayne, as well as a number of others known to us.”

Jasmine, in her lovely voice speaks about finding, or rather not finding, justice for her child and realizes perhaps there is no justice to be found in this world. Listen to her in this video.  There WILL come a time when justice will be served, of this I am sure.


I received this message today here on the website from a Hoaxtead Research admin “Pallas Athene” regarding our post today, I will share it here for you all to see.


Nikki, darling, I gave a lovely introduction to Mr. Harris and Ms. Jasmine. I know who Mr. Harris is.  I’ve read his blog.  That’s how I’ve known who you were long before you sent this snarling, jealous ex-girlfriend rant.  Nobody else would waste so much hate-energy other than an ex-girlfriend.  Seriously.   There are none more judgmental than those who hate to be judged.  Your heart appears to be filled with hate and anger.  I’m sorry, but your heart should be filled with love, joy and true peace for you only get one chance and why waste that chance being bloody miserable all the time.  Life can be much more fulfilling and if it’s not, you’re doing something wrong.  I do not judge you or your religion, indeed no one should judge another based on their relationship with a higher power/energy.  I feel that is a very personal space existing within each of us.  

But you didn’t even need bother dropping by, Julian gave himself up over on Twitter already…. This happened 3/10/16






As if this was all a pre-conceived, orchestrated game.

Playing with a young mans freedom.

Julian didn’t deny it either when I called him “Julian” and sadly, none of his HoaxRes buddies that he tagged showed up to support him. No one.  Zip. Zero.  Zilch.  Sorry, guess the party’s over guys.  Not even a mention in the comments on the blog, totally weird.  Like you didn’t even exist to them.  Nice group of friends there Julian, that you spent defending for a year, eh?  Wow!  Dearman’s a bitch!  When you decide to give him up come see me!  BTC on Fb pm’s

Anyway, we’ve recently caught SatanicViews leaving the Hampstead case where he says Hoaxtead Research should not DELETE all material related to Jake Clarke. Hoaxtead Research has either deleted or hidden ALL CONTENT RELATED TO JAKE CLARKE for fear of liability.  Because they KNOW they are culpable in his sectioning.  Especially James Hind, who we can now know is Julian Vayne (Julian LeFay)  

Go get him Clarke Family….your son and brother is a victim of intentional harassment in order to stop him from finding out the truth…that there is wide-spread child sexual abuse happening within these cults.




Rabbit holes run so very deep and this worries me



Julian says he was teaching in an “INFANTS SCHOOL”on 18/11/15, teaching infants about “Sex & History”.  To infants.  Where he saw the nonsense poem “Pangolin”.

These next screen shots are taken from “Sex & History” website linked above…



A video on the website, “Intimate Worlds exhibition: exploring Sexual Health and Education possibilities” is described as (Published on Nov 13, 2013)

“As part their public engagement programme, in the run-up to the Intimate Worlds exhibition, experts from Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum and the University of Exeter meet representatives from the health and education sectors to discuss how this beautiful and candid display of sexually-themed objects from history might best unlock its potential to enhance the delivery of sex education.


He works with children yet is a strong proponent of drug use & witchcraft…WOW!


Are we SURE James Hind is Julian?  Yes, we are…


The “ref” to arrest was this comment on Hoaxtead Research was…


Nathaniel Harris hadn’t told anyone he’d been arrested on harassment charges, the only person who would have known would be Julian/James.

As “James Hind”,  Julian posted this on Twitter….


Is this the person you want teaching your children about “Sex & History”?



I changed their  “chaos sigil” to love…


May love conquer all, heal all and above all…prevail!

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